Be Safer

Here at Morice Town we believe that families respond and grow better in a safe environment where they are free to live their lives  without fear of physical or emotional harm.

We aim to support all families by recognizing that many different types of family group, can and do, successfully love and care for children.

Should you feel excluded or discriminated against while using our services, please contact either

Elizabeth Knight 01752 213551/Julie Roberts 01752 313293 who are the Leaders / Managers for this setting


Keeping Your Family Safe

We can help and support you if you do not feel that your family is physically or emotionally safe.

We have  workers who can advise, support or guide you to either Morice Town, or city wide services so your family gets the most appropriate help.

We  can also offer the Safe @ Home Scheme for advice around home safety equipment. Dependent on meeting certain criteria you could qualify for safety equipment for your home.

We also run workshops and information events during Safety Week and at various other times through out the year. If your looking to buy things then check out this website

For more information, contact either Lauren or Alex on 01752 208660 or email